3 Must-Use Methods to Find an App Developer

Nearly every entrepreneur has been around this problem: You have a good idea for an app or software but don’t know any developers. In early December of 2014, I was confronted with this same problem. I had an idea for a mobile game that could award users beer at their local bar, but I had no clue how exactly to develop it.

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I searched everywhere. But I realized that "developers" were right within my fingertips. You will find a computer science department within my university, for example, and I quickly became a frequent visitor. I’d pitch people in the halls or right because they got out of class. Professors begun to know me by name, as I’d frequent their office hours.

When I finally did get yourself a solid lead, I jumped onto it, ending up in my new developer, Albert Frimpong, when he previously time. We first met in the university’s cafeteria, where I pitched him my concept off a napkin. Gameplay was simple, like Fruit Ninja, and users were awarded beer after they got 30 cans in the cooler in the bottom of the screen. To redeem beer, users had to visit a local bar that people had partnered with.

Right from the start, Albert fell deeply in love with my concept, for what has converted into Push For Beer. Though he previously several additional questions, looking back on the original pitch, my drive and vision are what hooked him.

Skilled developers are really tricky to find, especially ones that share the vision for assembling your project. Just as something has market fit, developers have project fit: Had I hired a senior developer who wasn’t in college, for instance, it’s likely that he wouldn’t have understood or seen the potential in this app.

Given that I’ve become in tune with the mobile app industry, people always ask me how I came across the developers I did so. So here’s a few of that advice: three essential channels you need to use to obtain the developer that is right for you personally:

Entrepreneurs often overlook how vast their personal network is really. When I was initially looking for a developer, the first one I linked to was the friend of my friend’s girlfriend. He wasn’t thinking about the project but had some useful questions that enabled me to help expand hone my vision. The main element to making use of your network is to see folks of what you’re trying to accomplish and whom you’re seeking to connect to.

Entrepreneurs commonly just forget about these potential hot spots for developers. Though competition for recruiting could be fierce in the event that you live by a Harvard or Stanford, it’s likely that your local college could have a few standout developers aswell. The easiest method to find these students is through the professors. Get in touch with them directly, as professors are always seeking to find real-life experiences for his or her students. Working with their finest and brightest may also keep your costs down — though dealing with students requires additional time for development, as students need to balance their time for classes.

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Two great resources for entrepreneurs seeking to develop apps are Elance and Odesk. On these platforms you can hire solid freelance talent for an acceptable rate. Utilize these freelancers to obtain a draft going, but don’t be prepared to launch the complete app with them. Eventually, if your app scales, you will require a developer on your own team, as you will always want to include updates. However the freelancer’s mock-up and draft will be beneficial, since it can help attract local developers while showing your commitment to making assembling your project happen.

Four months ago, I had a sketch on a napkin and was pitching everyone I possibly could find who was simply a developer or knew a developer. Earlier this Saturday, Push For Beer launched on the app store and in four days, we’ve already had over 17,000 game plays. Albert and I are thrilled by our progress but understand that if we hadn’t connected, this app might do not have become a reality. In case you have a concept for an app but don’t know any developers, it’s time you started searching.

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