As an entrepreneur, you will come across unforeseen challenges. Listed below are six steps on how best to meet them.

Just how many entrepreneurs can say that one morning they woke up to news reports that their big idea may be suddenly crushed by regulators?

Few, I’d wager. At least not beyond the legal weed industry, which includes been living in some sort of legality limbo since Jeff Sessions was named Attorney General.

But, here I was, a software developer and self-professed geek (about the furthest thing possible from a cannabis trafficker) building an open-source platform for corporate IT software, and for just one morning come early july it seemed my big project may be dead on arrival.

Your cell phone will probably be your wallet, but many people are still too concerned about hackers to change from paying with cards and cash.

Regardless of the surge in cellular phone usage, and the innovative payment technologies which have come old in mainstream usage, some consumers remain reluctant to totally embrace the most recent payment technologies. Actually, it’s been discovered that only 52 percent of AMERICANS have used mobile payments; and just 18 percent utilize them regularly.