The waters of social media are difficult to navigate. You risk going unnoticed by your audience in the event that you set up new posts only one time in a while nevertheless, you stand to carefully turn off dedicated followers in the event that you bombard them with updates every hour.

Data demonstrates tweets with 110 characters or fewer receive higher engagement (read retweets and replies) than longer tweets. However, even if your tweets will be the perfect length, tweeting a lot more than 3 x a day can lead to a drop in engagement rates. You just never appear to catch a break with this multi-headed beast.

No, "servant" leaders aren’t slaves with their employers, as well as pushovers. They just aren’t authoritarians who boss employees around.

The word “servant leadership” was coined nearly 50 years back in an essay compiled by Robert K. Greenleaf; and since that time, the business enterprise world has gradually embraced this idea of empathy in leadership.

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen top-notch companies like Zappos, Whole Foods and the Container Store publicly proclaim their affinity because of this philosophy. And, in late 2016, Starbucks joined the ranks when it called its brand-new CEO a “true servant leader,” explaining that he embodies characteristics the business wants to see in every its leaders.

For you to ask for immediate access to campaigns.

Many search agencies still run search campaigns on the agency account without sharing immediate access to client. They instead send a weekly or monthly report on the clicks, impressions, and ad expense. For smaller businesses, the clients often don’t have enough understanding about search engine marketing to examine a campaign’s setup, or are too busy to check out the campaigns. And sometimes, your client may not know they are able to request that immediate access. For bigger clients, in this manner of reporting is accepted since it is similar to just how traditional marketing has been employed in TV and print: You measure campaign success by the viewership and interactions.

By creating entirely new words, you might be able to create a truly unique name for your business.

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There are two types of names you can create out of spare parts: compound and blended words. Compound words remain recognizable as names manufactured from two words. Blended words go a step further – they’re sometimes recognizable, however, not always.