Facebook Advertising Is Where It’s at, WHICH EXPLAINS WHY I Spent $3 Million onto it

The advertising side of Facebook will get yourself a bad rap. Small enterprises often complain that an individual interface constantly changes, or that it’s increasingly difficult and expensive to attain fans. However when you get right down to it, Facebook ads do work — only when you follow certain guidelines for reaching your market. If you ask me, they’re cheaper and far better than most other types of advertising, like the popular Adwords.

During the last year, I’ve spent $3 million on Facebook ads to grow my company’s blog, the Penny Hoarder. Appears like a whole lot, right? But reinvesting in your business is the better way to grow, and I’ve found Facebook ads to be a good way of doing that.

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It’s been a great possibility to test different strategies and ideas and learn what works on the platform. Here are a few of my biggest takeaways from spending big on Facebook ads during the last year.

While looking to add fans to your Facebook page is a favorite approach — since it looks good to have a large number of fans — it’s not the very best, specifically for content sites like mine that benefit from traffic. It has become a lot more apparent during the last year, as Facebook has decreased organic grab pages to encourage businesses to invest more on advertising, because such a small % of your fans see organic updates — the ones you don’t purchase.

Instead, use boosted posts to send traffic to your internet site. As a bonus, taking this process may also help your Facebook page grow, because you’ll get likes on the way. Promoting posts with the purpose of website landing page views helped me hit 1.4 million fans this season. Concentrating on page growth, however, doesn’t have the corresponding bonus of attracting immediate web site traffic.

When I take advantage of boosted posts to send traffic back again to my site, I’ve two main goals:

1. Convince users to take an action that covers the expense of their click. I monetize primarily through advertising.

2. Retain them as readers, therefore i can simply reach them again later on. One way to make this happen is by collecting emails, that i do through a pop-up. It could sound counterintuitive to spotlight retaining readers instead of further monetizing their visits, nonetheless it helps me grow our reader base, therefore i can reach a lot more people later on.

For a fresh advertiser, it really is tough to determine which kind of ad to perform. Facebook offers 10 different objectives, including increase your posts, promote your page, send visitors to your website and increase conversions.

I already discussed why you shouldn’t pay to market your page, but how about the other options? To begin with, remember that each ad type’s audience will differ, because Facebook targets the people probably to complete the target you select.

The ads themselves will vary, too. When you choose to send people to your website, you create an ad from scratch — often that links to a squeeze page where you collect email addresses. When you boost a post, you put money behind an already-published update on your own Facebook page to greatly help it reach more folks.

Though most experts recommend ads that connect to a squeeze page, I’ve had better success boosting my posts.

And by boosting posts, I don’t mean clicking the “Boost Post” button on your own Facebook page. Using Ads Manager or Power Editor allows more targeting options on the trunk end — which can help you refine your market and get the most value for your money.

Listed below are three reasons I favor boosting posts over sending visitors to the website:

1. They’re real updates from my page, instead of carefully crafted advertisements, this means boosted posts can feel less salesy.

2. Boosted posts take less time to push live , because I don’t need to create a fresh ad. Instead, I’m putting money behind a Facebook post I’ve already published.

3. Since I monetize through display advertising and affiliate partnerships, clicks on my boosted posts be capable of offer an immediate ROI . I also work to fully capture each visitor’s email upon exit, therefore i can eliminate the have to purchase their click another time.

Boosted posts been employed by well for my business — a content site — but that doesn’t mean they’re your best option for every company. In the event that you sell a particular service or product, then perhaps a different kind of ad works better. Even if that’s the case, lessons 1 and 3 still apply.

My advice? Try all of the options and don’t hesitate to buck conventional wisdom.

5 Tips for Effectively ESTABLISHING Facebook Ads

Facebook ads could be really cheap. If your click-through rate is high, and you’ve correctly targeted your audience, it is possible to get clicks for only a penny each. Other styles of digital advertising like Adwords have a tendency to be more expensive for the same keywords.

This applies particularly for mobile traffic, which frequently costs significantly less than targeting desktop users. Sometimes it seems sensible to invest more for desktop users, though. On my site, for instance, I find visitors on desktops have a tendency to complete more affiliate offers and take other actions on the webpage that generate revenue.

One smart way to lower the price per click is to closely monitor the analytics. Facebook offers an abundance of data in both Insights and Ads Manager which you can use to see your decisions. The cool part relating to this is you can access your page’s Insights free of charge, even when you don’t purchase advertising.

How many other advertising platforms offer you tons of data on your own users before you may spend hardly any money? You can find out about your community without spending a dime. I check Insights for every of the posts I share organically on my page to observe how they perform — and decide whether to invest money to improve them. The secret is to consider organic posts which have high click-through rates. The bigger the click-through rate, the more inclined I am to place money behind the post.

Don’t misunderstand me, it’s scary to invest so heavily on Facebook ads.

But in the event that you do it in a good way, investing in Facebook ads can help you make money. It’s been an unbelievable driver of growth for my company, helping us to be among the largest personal finance blogs, with 5.5 million unique visitors every month.

I’m always testing other advertising platforms and am nimble enough to shift our budget elsewhere if Facebook changes its system. But also for now, if you’re seeking to grow your community as well as your web site traffic, Facebook advertising is where it’s at.

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