How exactly to Rev up the Success of Your WordPress Website

New data from GoDaddy draws a clear distinction between "rocketship" vs. "decliner" sites. Which one’s yours?

WordPress may be the most effective website builder available, providing its users with a seemingly endless number of features and designs that allow you to make your website as simple or complicated as you would like.

17 METHODS TO Immediately Improve YOUR SITE Traffic

But, with many of these options, how can you know which combination can not only attract more visitors, but keep them returning?

The top-performing WordPress sites, as it happens, have something in keeping — and it’s really not their usage of specific plugins. So, the facts that truly sets successful WordPress websites in addition to the rest?

To discover, and shine a light on those revelations, we threw a spotlight on almost 350,000 GoDaddy-managed WordPress websites, to examine and identify what forms of behavior correlated with the strongest results, as measured by traffic. Furthermore to page or post creation, we tracked sites, for a year, whenever their owners executed an update, including changes to content, themes, plugins and media.

Then, to hone in on what helped or hindered the success of the websites, we compared both most distinct personalities we dubbed:

  • Rocketships — meaning completely new websites that saw meteoric traffic growth through the year. They were websites that began with a distinctive monthly visitorship of 0 to 999 and rapidly grew traffic to somewhere within 99,000 and 500,000

  • Decliners — meaning websites that saw traffic decrease significantly, by a lot more than 50 percent through the year

The info demonstrated that Rocketship sites were, and so are, by far more actively managed than Decliners — with 164 percent more activity spanning across page-creation, post creation and content updates, along with technical plugin and theme activation and updates. Our research indicated that high-traffic WordPress websites were the ones that are looked after and nurtured by their owners regularly.

Just how does your website turn into a Rocketship? Looking at the precise factors that produce for an effective Rocketship website, what should a business prioritize on the "to-do" set of website mechanics? Listed below are three findings and recommendations that stack the deck on your side.

The word goes that "Content is king," and it’s really true. Regularly publishing high-quality, relevant content that your readers will see engaging is a surefire key to success.

So, consider putting an editorial calendar set up to coordinate your time and efforts, and create strategic monthly themes inspired by popular keywords. Check out what’s topical in the news headlines, and rising on Google Trends; see what’s timely and ways to align your products or offering using what you see there.

How Often IN THE EVENT YOU Update or Rebuild YOUR SITE?

With regards to frequency, Rocketships create new posts typically three times weekly . Regular and relevant article marketing is something that can pay dividends, as visitors could have a reason to come back to your site to find out more. Consider posting blogs as a two- — or even more — part series to create episodic content. Sites that publish posts on a consistent schedule create a loyal audience and, along with it, increase their traffic.

With regards to adding functionality for your website, plugins could be a tremendous asset, especially because they assist you to instantly and easily create famous brands contact forms, SEO and security.

Interestingly, however, we didn’t observe a noticeable difference between Rocketship and Decliner behavior when it found Plugins.

Having said that, we did observe that Rocketships activated themes 18 percent more normally than Decliners. This may have been because of Rocketships tinkering with different themes and A/B testing to see what suitable the appearance and feel of their sites. Themes are easy to implement and will quickly give your site a new appear and feel.

For instance, a theme such as for example Divi can give your site a stylish appearance, while one like Storefront will provide you with a number of layout and color options to personalize your shop and enable multiple widget regions and a responsive design. As you utilize your site more regularly, or as the scope of your website evolves over time, a fresh theme offers you the opportunity to change the appearance and feel, and even offer you more functionality and widgets to use.

With this thought, avoid being afraid to test out different themes also to test drive the most used trending themes of the week. And as you feel more active together with your site, doing things such as the Rocketships inside our study did, you’ll are more in tune with the themes that do or don’t do the job.

Everybody knows the frustration of looking forward to a painfully slow website to load. Often, we’ll abandon a niche site that’s taking too much time, or we’ll ensure that you avoid it later on for concern with the same irritating experience. The loading speed of a website includes a huge influence on whether a user stays on a full page or revisits a niche site, with only a one-second delay resulting in a 7 percent decrease in conversations and an 11 percent reduction in page views. So, what’s a satisfactory loading time? Around two seconds, according to Google.

Avoid alienating people to your WordPress website and potential customers with sluggish speeds. Simple changes like making your images smaller, removing inactive plugins and reducing scripts are easy methods to lessen loading times and increase user satisfaction.

Adding new pages and trying out your site to keep improvements flowing plays a part in a site’s success. Rocketship sites create new pages regularly, and update their sites (this consists of tweaks to page content, media, etc) an astounding average of 288 percent a lot more than Decliners. Little and frequently is an excellent rule to live by — incremental updates and adjustments go quite a distance.

Overall, this research indicates that frequent care and attention of a website, and its own content, can lead to better traction with online audiences. On the flipside, the website owners which have a "set it and forget it" mindset have a tendency to be those that see traffic decline as time passes.

Redesigning YOUR SITE in 2015? BEGIN BY Asking These 5 Questions.

Therefore my advice to aspiring "Rocketships" is this: Keep an eye on your website and its own content. Just as an excellent mechanic tweaks and tunes an automobile to boost its performance, so should WordPress users regularly maintain and update their websites to optimize for success.

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