Making Your Own Product and Marketing Videos Could be Easy with This Innovative Kit

Save 13 percent upon this monopod and slider now.

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Consumer demand for video is growing. Whether your business specializes in selling a particular product, many products, or could reap the benefits of some top quality branding, it’s worth buying tools to create in-house videography and photography possible. People react to quality imagery and outsourcing your design and branding efforts to third parties gets expensive.

From product photography to full-blown ads, the MOZA Slypod 2-in-1 Monopod & Rotation Slider could be a huge asset for your business.

The MOZA Slypod is a two-in-one motorized slider and monopod. The carbon-fiber body helps it be extremely light and convenient to carry so you can setup production anywhere, as the built-in geared motor supplies the sort of precise, steady, smooth movement you’d see on a Hollywood set. Regardless of what sort of camera you have, the Slypod can boost its capabilities significantly.

The Slypod features accurate position, speed, and motion control utilizing a sophisticated algorithm, maintaining your camera in line on even the most extreme, high-speed shots. Imagine if you are trying to check out a skateboarder through the streets of Venice, the Slypod can continue. The Slypod are designed for tracking automatically, nevertheless, you may also manually adjust camera travel distance, speed, and acceleration through the MOZA Master app to program the rig beforehand to be able to accommodate specific creative decisions. The ultra-high power, density-geared motor can produce up to 1Nm of torque, so it is fully prepared for almost anything.

On top of that, the Slypod is weatherproof, runs for just two hours about the same charge, and is easily rechargeable with a power bank. Which means all your on-set productions can run so long as you want, even if they are out in the center of the woods. And you may just want to consider landscape shoots taking into consideration the Slypod offers amazing cinematic modes, from Vertigo Mode and Wide-range Shooting to Inception Mode and Fixed-Point Follow Focus.

It could sound complicated, but Slypod is simple to create and reposition for just about any shot and is made for amateur use. You shouldn"t need to be a professional cinematographer to create videos and Slypod puts the energy in your hands to create high-quality videos (and photos) without needing any type of professional training.

Take your business videography and photography to another level. The MOZA Slypod 2-in-1 Monopod & Rotation Slider for Camera is generally $499, nevertheless, you can save 13 percent off when you obtain it for $429.99.

MOZA offers top-of-the-line gimbals for mobile use, like the MOZA AirCross 2 Professional Kit with Focus Accessory, now on sale for 15 percent off $519 at only $439.99, and the MOZA Air 2 Camera Gimbal Stabilizer with Focus Accessory, now on sale for 14 percent off $599 at only $510.

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